Mosaic Vision extends
summer workshop 
to year-'round program

Mosaic Vision seeks to deepen our summer workshop and add a year-round program to hone students’ skills, offer mentoring, and delve into multimedia journalism, including podcasting and videography.
We plan to partner with high school journalism teachers,  help start new journalism programs in underserved areas, replicate our model in other communities and become a source of community news.


San Jose should take pride in its lowrider history and culture

By Lupita Fernandez Garcia

Laila's Graphic.jpg

Amid rise in UC applicants, high school seniors seek other options

By Laiyla Santillan 


UC Berkeley housing shortage leaves students scrambling

By Tara Nguyen


Opinion: More prison time for gang affiliation doesn’t work

By Dali Guerrero Fernández


San Jose: Some students feel left behind under new grading policies

By Laiyla Santillan 


Seniors: Should the college application process be this hard? 

By Daniela Bravo Berumen 


Mental health: Bay Area teens grapple with cost, stigma and time

By Tara Nguyen