Day Eight: Advice from the sidelines

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

By Kimberly Mitchell, June 17, 2019

Not going to lie, waking up this morning was rough.

Last night, I made sure to set ten different alarms in five-minute intervals starting from 6:15am. Normally I’d start getting ready after the third alarm goes off 6:25am, but today I slept through them all, leaving only ten minutes to get ready.

After rushing around the house and getting stuck in morning traffic, I finally made it to the newsroom with a few minutes to spare.

As we waited for Joe [Rodriguez] to come in with the newspapers, Zoey, Elizabeth and Victoria asked me if I had taken a picture of the guy sitting next to me on the train ride back from San Francisco yesterday. Apparently he was really cute, but I didn’t see him because I was reading The New York Times’ sports section.

Even though I may have a “missed connection” with the guy on the train, reading the different sports stories helped me prepare for our lecture by Karen Crouse, a sports reporter for The New York Times.

But before I could meet Crouse, I had to take photos, get interviews and finish writing my feature. Even though my day was busy and stressful as my deadlines crept closer, I luckily had friends that could cheer me up and encourage me to take breaks.

For lunch, Victoria, Gianna, Zoey, Melina and I walked to La Vic’s and took photos of each other along the way. Victoria and I shared nachos as our second meal together as a “married couple.” So romantic — I know.

Time went by quickly; before I knew it, the moment came to take photos of Crouse. I got some nice shots, but I was more interested in what she was saying and the advice she gave. It really inspired me. Luckily, I got her email address so I can ask her for advice on future stories I write. Hopefully I can stand beside her as a fellow New York Times reporter someday.

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