Day Eight: Entertaining conversations

by Paola Herrera, June 24 2020

Today, I tried to wake up at 7 a.m. to get a fresh start on my morning. But that didn’t go as planned, so instead I woke up at 8 a.m. After getting ready, I quickly headed downstairs for our first Zoom session of the day. 

We witnessed a funny conversation between Sharon Noguchi, our program director, and Robert Salonga, a criminal justice reporter for the Mercury News and one of our mentors. Sharon thought Robert had asked for the day off, but due to a wrong number situation, it was actually a Mosaic student.  

After that entertaining conversation, we got into a discussion about advocacy in journalism. We learned that the Mercury News has certain rules about getting involved with politics and trying to stay neutral. Additionally, we discussed Fox News and how they share their opinions freely. One example is how Fox newscasters talk about former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump. 

Then, we started asking questions. Our instructors gave us details about their experience and what they have seen when it comes to opinion writing.

Our session ended with Salonga talking about how, if you are passionate about a certain topic, you can try to keep it neutral and let the reader feel the emotion based on what they are reading — by describing the story in full details and not just telling it directly to the reader, but making them create that mental image. 

We then met with our instructors to go over our stories and anything we needed to edit. After our break, we had the privilege to meet our new Mosaic staff members, but we also had two guest speakers talk to us on our Zoom session.

From Seattle, a protester talked about how the community is coming together to fight for justice and help those in need. We learned that there have been people camping outside in the streets, helping out homeless people, and they even started to build a community garden.

Susan Gonzalez, a social media strategist at Chalkbeat, was our second speaker of the day. She shared how journalists often use social media to spread their stories and why it is important to use social media. As she shared a presentation with us, Gonzalez asked questions to keep us thinking about how we can use social media or why many news channels use it. 

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