Day Eight: Productivity toward the end

by Mayline Ruiz, June 24 2020

Waking up this morning was a little bit difficult. However, I was ready to start day eight of the Mosaic summer session and excited to see what we will be doing today. 

In the first part of the workshop, we had a long discussion about journalists being advocates. We were talking about how specific news websites should be more neutral, and if we as journalists should be allowed to talk about controversial topics. 

After the long discussion, we met with our mentors and talked about what we have due and what we need to work on. I discussed where I was at with my mentor and what I was planning to do to make my story better. We asked each other questions and then I left to do more research about my story. 

During the lunch break, I worked on my story. I made corrections and had to ask quick follow-up questions to the people I had interviewed. After the lunch break, we went back to the meeting at 1 p.m. and met our new editorial assistants, Lucia and Hannah Chebeleu. They are going to help print the news stories we are writing.

Hannah showed us around the Seattle area where people were protesting. We saw all types of art that artists had put around the street. Hannah introduced a protestor that they had interviewed; they were talking to us about the protests that were happening for the past three weeks.

After we met the protester, we were introduced to Susan Gonzalez. Susan talked to us about how we should spread our news stories on social media and tease the stories to get people to read them. Her presentations were really helpful to a lot of us because now we know how we can spread our news stories. 

After Susan left, we were told about our upcoming deadlines. At 2:30 p.m., we left the meeting and met with our instructors again. We talked to them about the stories we had been working on all week — a very informative day the Mosaic students had.

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