Day Eight: Second stories coming together

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

By Emilio Gonzalez-Lu, June 17, 2019

Today was stressful, but only because I wasn’t making progress at the rate I wanted to. I know that everyone’s stressing over their second stories — save for a couple of people.

The whole day I was trying to wrap my head around ideas for articles within the time limit for the next assignment. I was waiting to go to court for a story the entire day, and I talked to my editor about the ideas I had (and apparently had the whole time). I was probably just overthinking it; it’s a sensitive subject, after all.

I had to wait an extra three hours for court to start. They pushed opening statements back to tomorrow, so I probably won’t make it for the sake of finishing on time. The trial wasn’t very pertinent to my story, anyway.

That was about it for my day: Smacking my head on the table (metaphorically) trying to think of an idea and going to the courthouse only to hear the opening statements were pushed back.

However, the pictures look really good! I think the photographers are awesome at what they do.

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