Day Five: Overcoming troubles connecting

by Jessica Reimann, June 19 2020

I started this morning the same as the rest of the week: a cup of coffee and a lot of staring at the wall until I could feel myself wake up. Even though it’s been five days of working, falling into a routine of early-rising after so much time sleeping in still proved difficult. It’s been so long since school was a daily concern — the switch to being on a schedule again still feels jarring. 

But waking up early really shouldn’t have been my main concern, because as soon as I entered the call, I found my internet to be particularly uncooperative. A few restarts and connection checks later, I was able to properly call in to the meeting — just in time to catch the tail end of Sharon Noguchi, our Mosaic director, leading a discussion about interviewing difficulties. 

My own interview was scheduled for later that day, so I didn’t have too much to add, but there was still lots of good advice from both instructors and fellow students about ways to deal with interviewing problems, or strategies to better interview in general. 

After the meeting ended, I went to work planning out my articles' basic structure and organizing my information. Some students, including myself, met up in our virtual lunchroom to talk (though I don’t think any of us were really eating lunch — I still had my cup of coffee, which was closer to empty than not, but I think calling that a meal would be a stretch). We started off discussing stories and sharing resources, and about 30 minutes later, the conversation had shifted into something pretty unrecognizable (and very ghost-centric).

We all signed off before the midday break ended, and I spent some time preparing for the upcoming photo lesson with Mosaic’s photography instructor, Josie Lepe, by making sure my connection wouldn’t cut out again. 

I ended up needing to switch to using data on my phone, because it seemed my wifi was throwing a tantrum on a level I did not feel like working through 15 minutes before the next Zoom meeting. We got a quick rundown of the basics of taking better photos with our phones, especially about how to frame and pose pictures. I hadn’t even realized that there was an option to set a grid up on my camera for posing (admittedly, I am not an avid photographer), so I turned that feature on and definitely won’t be turning it off anytime soon!

After the meeting ended, we had meetings with instructors (though mine told us to keep working and reach out if we needed anything) and I prepared for my vignette interview later in the day. Mosaic's first week ended with a lot of information and a lot of work in such a short amount of time — and next week will probably be even more intensive!

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