Day Four: Lessons from the last Mosaic generations

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

By Soojin Spencer, July 22 2021

This morning began with a fresh bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and almond milk. After rushing back to the newsroom, Maya held a rough debrief of everyone’s story pitches. When the attention shifted on me, I explained my main story and how my vignette was faring. The rest of the morning consisted of rapid typing, brief stretch breaks, and occasional small talk. Throughout the morning, students traveled to various restaurants, community centers, and malls in the Bay Area to conduct interviews and take pictures. When it was time for lunch, I walked with an assembly of Mosaic students to the Starbucks down the street. I had perfected my order: an iced, decaf, shaken, oatmeal milk, and brown sugar cappuccino. This drink, along with a turkey sandwich, satiated my hunger.

After lunch, we met with various Mosaic alumni. There were a total of four Mosaic graduates, mostly from the class of 2020, when the program was fully virtual. Many of them discussed

college life, new-age journalism, and the importance of following your passions. My fellow students were completely silent in the beginning, my friend encouraged me to ask a question. Joe was also very outspoken and encouraging of creating conversation with the Mosaic alumni, as they have potential to serve as great resources in the future. A general consensus was how prudent it is to step out of your comfort bubble. Approaching absolute strangers is almost always necessary for stories, despite how daunting it may seem. Personally, I was a bit reluctant to speak up, but once I did, one of the alumni provided me with a possible source for my main story. After the insightful conversation, I returned to speedy typing, quote searching, and once again, occasional small talk. I submitted my vignette and then had a quick snack. Overall, it was an incredible fourth day of Mosaic. Our group transformed from a silent group of reluctant students to outgoing, energetic friends.

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