Day Five: Overcoming awkward silences

By Laiyla Santillan, 23 July 2021

Day five of Mosaic started with a lot of laughter over breakfast, as we came to the comical realization that the majority of us had a Starbucks drink sitting in front of us. The rest of the morning consisted of constant joking and giggling.

Once breakfast was over everyone individually on their vignettes, making edits in order to meet our 3 p.m. deadline. Everyone was focused on finishing their stories as quickly as possible and getting started on their next piece. I went over my story multiple times trying to revise rough draft writing and although I was slightly worried, I was happy with the final result. By the time lunch rolled around everyone was eager to go eat. A group of my peers and I went to The Habit, grabbing burgers and fries before walking back to DCP to resume our work.

Around 1 p.m., Lupita shared her news review;, a story titled “The immersive arts trend- — think Van Gogh- —is surging in 2021.” She went on to explain that she thinks the surge of interest in the art scene has a lot to do with its popularity on social media apps such as TikTok. The article focused heavily on immersive art events in the Bay Area and why these interactive experiences are unique.

Following that, guest speaker Adalberto Toledo of the Mercury New shared insight on what school and experience has taught him about being a journalist. He went on to explain the best ways to interview sources and the importance of awkward silences. He also told us about his experiences interviewing different people and how to write unbiased stories. Once he was done speaking, multiple people asked him questions and for advice on being a journalist.

Overall it was a productive and fun fifth day of Mosaic.

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