Day nine: Brainstorming for Op-Ed

By Dali Guerrero, July 28, 2021

Day 9 of Mosaic started with eating breakfast outside. I arrived at DCP a couple minutes late, so I didn't end up eating breakfast with the group, but I heard the bagels and cereal were delicious! After that, everyone started to work on their stories because the deadline was sneaking up on us. We did revisions and edits with our editors as well so it was very time consuming.

I had finished my story yesterday, but I was waiting on my editor to make edits on my story. In the meantime, I started to look into topics that would be interesting for my op-ed. My research sparked an interest in immigration reform and abolishing gang sentencing enhancements, so I am considering writing an op-ed related to these two topics.

As lunch was approaching, the editorial assistants asked us what kind of pizza and ice cream we wanted for the end of Mosaic celebration. We ended up deciding on cheese, pepperoni, and combo for pizza, but when it came to ice cream flavors, we had a heated debate. We ended up having to put our heads down to anonymously vote for the ice cream flavor since we all felt so strongly about our favorite ice cream flavors.

At noon, we all went to buy lunch since it had been a long morning of working and editing. I ate at Jack in the Box where I ordered two tacos and some fries. I ended up coming back from lunch pretty early because it was too hot outside!

At 2pm, we had a guest speaker, Alejandra Armstrong, who talked about social media. Alejandra manages the Mercury News and East Bay Times’ social media accounts. She told us that social media is key for getting a higher audience in the work that you do. She shared many tips and tricks during her speech that seemed really important and interesting to the group.

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