Day Seven: San Francisco calling, cameras snapping

By Zoey Towner, June 16, 2019

I woke up Sunday morning, tired from a week of reporting and writing, but excited to spend time with some of my newfound friends from Mosaic. While a week of lunches and working together in the newsroom had brought us closer, I was looking forward to spending a whole day with this fun group of people.

With the few extra minutes that I had on the way to the train station, I picked up Starbucks for me and a friend to get the extra caffeine I knew I would need for a long day. I arrived at the train station and was greeted by the rest of the Mosaic group. Everyone was excited for a fun trip to the city.

Once everyone arrived and we received our tickets, we hopped aboard the train, filled with Giants fans and other San Jose travelers. While some played cards and others listened to music, I tried to take a nap, tired from seeing “Mamma Mia!” the night before. Once we arrived in San Francisco, I was rested and ready for a day of exploring.

After we got off the train, we started our walking tour. Our first stop was Yerba Buena Gardens, where a carousel was parked for us to take pictures in front of. Joe [Rodriguez] explained to us that there are not many places for teens to hang out in San Francisco, but this area and the mall in it was one of them.

We continued walking to our next stop, lunch at the food court, but the walk was so much more exciting. We pointed out every Pride flag, took pictures of aesthetic architecture and stopped to take lots of pictures of each other. When we arrived at the food court, we split off and got food from all the different restaurants. A few friends and I shopped around a little, but then returned for the famous Mosaic race up the stairs. Paulo took a break from being a fashion model to win the race — an accomplishment he will proudly tell you about.

We went to Union Square, where Joe told us the history of the area, and took a lot of group pictures. It was surprisingly quiet, filled with paintings and music before a live show. We then went to Chinatown, arguably the most fun part of the day. We learned about the history and the burning question, “How is Joe Chinese?” was finally answered. Here we saw some of the most beautiful buildings and murals and took in so much culture.

We went through Little Italy, which was my favorite neighborhood to see. Here there was some sort of festival going on with music and food. We went into the famous City Lights Bookstore, which was as aesthetic and artsy as you would hope for.

We headed to Pier 39, where we were scared by some talented street performers, and then quickly moved on to Ghirardelli Square, where we got to rest and get some sweet treats. This was the last stop of the day before we headed to the bus stop to take us back to the train station. On the bus, we laughed, created a Mosaic handshake and Melina proved that she could, in fact, stand the whole way — sometimes without holding onto anything.

On the train ride back, read the Sunday New York Times, listened to both “Mamma Mia” soundtracks and looked at all the pictures we had taken. I’m so glad I got to spend the day with all these amazing people that I feel really lucky to have met. Not only do they take amazing photos for Instagram, but they make me laugh and are just really fun to be around. One week down, five days to go.

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