Day Seven: Writing down the details

by Vanessa Gudino, June 23 2020

Today’s Mosaic workshop was very writing-educative. It started out with the third and final lesson from Maya. We did a quick recap of the past presentations and then moved on to today's lesson. 

This third lesson was about writing in active voice and getting rid of unnecessary words in order to make a sentence cleaner. We practiced these concepts through multiple breakout room sessions. 

When the presentation was over, it was time to check in with our mentors. I discussed the angle my story would take with my instructor. We went over questions, and I did more research. 

During our two-hour lunch break, I was able to have an interview for my story.

After lunch, we went over today’s news with Sal Pizzaro, one of our instructors. Our own Mosaic student, Sofia Perez, shared an interesting article. 

At 1:30pm, we were joined by special guest Elliott Almond. He gave us interviewing tips and shared some special anecdotes. Almond made sure we all understood the importance of taking down notes about all the little details. He said the smallest mannerisms could really add to the overall story. 

With the final deadlines looming over us, we ended the day as usual: by working on our stories.

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