Day Six: A special guest

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

by Ariana Noble, June 22 2020

Day six of the Mosaic 2020 summer session was especially entertaining, thanks to our guest speaker David Early, a former editor at the Mercury News. He spoke to us about what makes a good story, gave us interviewing tips, and reminisced about the most favorite story he ever wrote. Long story, but it was about the recovery of a 17-year-old burn victim at O’Connor Hospital. He answered questions by high school students who could only hope to accomplish what he has accomplished. The more questions we asked, the more we didn’t want it to stop! We were on his Zoom call for a whopping hour and a half.

After our session with the incredible David Early, we forged on working with instructors and working on our own interviews and reporting skills.

I then had two interviews for my upcoming story about UC’s waiving the SAT testing requirement for the next five years. I then joined the group lunch Zoom gathering for about 20 minutes and talked with fellow students.

After lunch, our instructor Sal Pizarro led a discussion about the news of the day, and two students shared news articles they felt were important to discuss.

Next on the agenda was a presentation by Maya Suryaraman about quotes and how to intrigue the audience. We practiced together for 45 minutes and we ended the official sessions of the day.

A full day indeed for the 2020 class of Mosaic students.

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