Day Six, part 1: Working on a weekend

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

By Lupita Fernandez, July 24, 2021

Working on a Saturday does not sound like the most appealing way to spend a weekend, but the ever-exciting world of journalism never rests. This morning started with breakfast, where my fellow student reporters and I shared bagels, cereal, and fruit. Today, my main focus was finding sources for my story.

My main story is focused on how artists have adapted to the pandemic lockdown, and how they have kept their creativity alive. For my sources, I searched for some professional artists who could give me insight into their creative journey and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on their artistry. After breakfast, I sent out a series of emails - all to some possible interviewees - hoping to receive a quick response. At around noon, I went out for lunch with some fellow student reporters. We all coincidentally ordered the same dish at Panera Bread (highly recommend the mac n cheese).

During lunch, I received a response from an artist I was hoping to interview, which was a huge relief. Anna Lisa Escobedo, who is a muralist and film festival producer, told me she would be available for an interview. I decided to start drafting the questions I would like to ask my interviewee, hoping to be prepared for our conversation. I focused my questions around her former and upcoming projects, as well as her financial and artistic challenges. After coming up with the questions and having them reviewed by my editor Sal, I arranged the interview’s time and day. After about three days of working on our vignettes, I officially completed my story about the owner of Aloha Roller Rink at Eastridge Mall.

At around 4pm, I headed out to enjoy some snacks and had quite a funny conversation with one of the editors and the previous Mosaic alumni. Now that my Saturday at Mosaic is coming to an end, I decided to spend my final hour researching my interviewee’s projects to make sure I am well-prepared for our interview on Monday. Tomorrow we are heading to San Francisco, a well deserved break after a productive week.

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