Day Ten: Chickens can fly — so can our students

By Melina Kritikopoulos, June 19, 2019

The tenth day of Mosaic. I woke up this morning thinking, “It’s already Wednesday?” These two weeks have flown by so fast; I’m becoming more aware of the end.

We started off the day as usual: Breakfast and reading. By now, however, we’re all trying to spend as much time with each other as we can — it was more like breakfast and talking. Many laughs later, we moved into the main room to work.

Most of us were done with our stories, just waiting for edits and last-minute changes. I decided to begin the process of addressing envelopes for my sources. I took the time to write thank you notes to all the people I interviewed and I couldn’t help but feel like a Victorian-era lady writing to her lover across the sea.

After an hour of writing, I went back to waiting. My best friend at Mosaic, Zoey, wasn’t here today, so I had to entertain myself. It was nearing lunch time — I decided to check in with the squad and see what our plans were. I wanted to visit MUJI, a nearby stationery store, and they wanted salad from Togo’s. I had a hard time believing that the sandwich chain even sold salads, but I thought I’d let them prove me wrong.

Only 20 minutes later, we were in the heavenly MUJI store. Victoria, Gianna and Elizabeth all ran around the store, drooling over the many products. I found the sketchbook I was looking for online, paid my $1.64 and waited for the other three. We made our way to Togo’s, purchased our food and took it to the SJSU campus for a picnic.

Once we were back from lunch, I was asked to make a graphic for Sunay and Jacob’s opinion piece about the San Jose Sharks. I was sort of unclear as to what I was making at first. After looking at the logo, I came up with a cool idea, ran it by the boys and set to work on one of the fancy Mac computers. I put my headphones in to get me through the next hour of screen-staring, blasting the “Call Me By Your Name” soundtrack.

After all that, I helped Ruth put her video about Mosaic together. I followed her into the break room, greeted by Sunay and Lego Joe (a Lego figurine of Joe [Rodriguez] we bought in San Francisco). I sat down interview style and was asked questions about the program. I have to say, as many times as I’ve interviewed others, I’ve never been interviewed — and I don’t care for it. After the final shot of me catching Lego Joe, I was finished.

As the day was winding down, we all became a little restless. I think the most notable conversation we had with Emilio was whether or not chickens could fly. Even the editors got involved —  we shot him down. Chickens can fly, Emilio. Probably the best end to a day so far.

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