Day Ten: Final photos going through

By Abel Gonzalez, June 19, 2019

I woke up and got to the newsroom just after a short car ride. I started by eating a sesame seed bagel and cereal with almond milk. After eating and reading the paper, I went on assignment with Gianna to the same place for the third time. We finally got enough pictures and information to finish her story.

After about an hour and a half of taking photos, we returned to the newsroom. I headed to the restaurant Iguanas Burritozilla with Janet and Julie for lunch. We had a giant plate of nacho fries and a few bites of a burrito.

After that, all three of us prepared to go on a new assignment at a place called The Dancing Cat. It was a sort of lounge where you’re able to play with cats and even adopt them. While Janet was interviewing Lauren, the head of operations, I was taking photos of the cats and Lauren for the story.

Once I returned, I finished up the captions for my last two assignments. I was very happy because those two were the last stories I took photos for — I had finally finished everything.

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