Day Ten: Saying our goodbyes

by Jiwoo Kim, June 26 2020

I did not know what to expect in the 2020 Mosaic program run on Zoom — not being able to experience the realness of the newsroom. But thanks to our amazing instructors that guided all of our baby steps through a perfect schedule, we were able to have the fullest 10 days. 

The last day was busy as usual. I woke up with a cup of coffee, sitting in front of my laptop to greet familiar faces. The first thing we did was meet with our instructors to finalize edits on our stories. Luckily for me, I finished that process yesterday on three Zoom calls with Robert. I made sure the photos and captions were in before I took a short break. 

Then we met again with Sharon who helped us send thank you emails to guest speakers and sponsors. I sent mine to Tomás Mier, a Mosaic alum and our second guest speaker who shared his advice on reporting and his experience interning at the LA Times. 

After lunch, we went over today’s news with Sal. I love how he picks out details from the titles, quotes and pictures from each news story. From all of our daily news discussions, the way I consume media has also changed. Now I focus more on how each story attracts readers in its own way. 

News has been somewhat hard for me to approach, mainly because it seemed so far away. Being able to jump into a part of creating the news made me realize that news and journalism are close within our reach, and this is valuable as long as people care about it. 

When we finally had the time to say our goodbyes, I sunk in the mixture of proud, sad and bittersweet feelings. Although some of us stayed on mute, unable to express the gratitude in words, I could see the smiles and nodding faces on each square that came together to share the moment of appreciation toward one another. 

Looking back, it was the longest and shortest two weeks, searching for news stories, interviewees and asking questions until we found answers. I can’t say that it was easy, but staring at a small screen that held people with such big minds was worth every hour. Just seeing the aggressive passion in fellow journalists, instructors, editorial assistants and guest speakers has left a mark of newfound respect and inspiration in my mind. 

Some of our stories are still waiting to be posted, and we will get freshly printed copies of our very own Mosaic newspaper delivered to our homes. I think the thrill of seeing the hard work pay off will last a long time. 

It feels like we’re saying our goodbyes after we just got the hang of it, but I’m excited to see how we use what we’ve learned here for what’s waiting next in our futures. And hey, we are all part of the Mosaic family now. I wish everyone the best of luck as we part ways. Goodbye for now!

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