Day Three: Getting leads and writings ledes

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

By Sunay Sanghani, June 12, 2019

This morning, I got up early to get on a jam-packed bus to come to Mosaic. So far, the third day has been full of new experiences. In the morning, we started out by reading The Mercury News and eating breakfast. I enjoyed eating bagels from Noah’s Bagels while reading about the new bus transit center in San Francisco. After breakfast, all of us went our different ways to cover stories, but most stayed to learn a lesson from Maya [Suryaraman]. The lesson was about writing a news story and leads.

I still had to make some phone calls and schedule some interviews. Most of the people I wrote emails to for interviews didn’t respond, so I had to pursue other interviewees for my story. Even though it was a challenge at first, I managed to work my way around it and try to call more people. Finally, I was able to talk to some people from various district offices and non-profit organizations. Every call was a different lesson and I learned the ways to approach a random person for an interview.

At lunch, I discovered the Student Union and was pretty impressed. I didn’t know SJSU had this and I’ll probably come back here for lunch in the upcoming days. After lunch, I had an interview scheduled with the manager of Spread. I was able to generate small talk and have her answer all my questions. I enjoyed interviewing my source face-to-face and understanding her opinion on my topic.

We ended the day in a Q&A session with Elliott Almond. Almond was a really great speaker and he told us his stories and experiences from his time at The Los Angeles Times and The Mercury News. One of his most interesting stories was about his ties to Mark Fuhrman, the infamous cop from the O.J. Simpson trial. His stories made me realize that journalists shouldn’t be afraid at all when pursuing a story. He uncovered many scandals that could have been hard to believe at the time — like Lance Armstrong. To my surprise, he offered to help us write our stories and told us to email him. I’m sure most of us won’t hesitate to email him after his speech today.

Our deadline is approaching fast and I think most of us at Mosaic are getting used to the world of journalism and reporting. Even though it’s only day three, I’ve learned plenty already.

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