Day Three: Getting to know the dog

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

By Mary-Elaine O'Connor, July 21 ,2021

Day three of Mosaic started with all of us going up to the balcony to eat breakfast. Then, the group went outside to take group photos for the website. It was very quick, but I’m a little worried that I was squinting and closing my eyes in some of the photos because of the bright gold light reflector! However, I hope the photos turn out well, because they will be on the Mosaic website.

When we all came back inside, we sat down for a lesson on reporting with Maya. She gave us tips such as, no “sit-on-butt” journalism, which basically just means as a reporter you won’t have sufficient information if you are sitting around, aren’t actively going out to talk with people, and aren’t listening to other people’s stories.

She also brought up this good tip called “Get the name of the dog,” also referred to as “Show not tell.” She had everyone stand up, and walk to a chair that is across the room from where you are sitting. Then she showed us a picture of a dog, and asked us to turn to the person next to us and try to guess what this dog’s name would be. Dali and I came up with the name Oliver, and she asked us to return to our seats. She then asked names other people came up with: names like “Pudgie” and “Jimmy.”

You might imagine different personalities based on these different names. The point she was making through this activity was that getting a name, or other small details, can make a story easier for the reader to

envision, which can make it more engaging.

After lunch, our guest speaker for today was Tomas Mier, who was a former Mosaic journalism student who works at People magazine. I found what he had to say really interesting because he has interviewed many celebrities. He talked about the importance of ice-breakers before the interview in order to make people feel comfortable, and if you make people feel comfortable during the interview, they will be more likely to open up to you, therefore share more information.

So far, this program has been going super well so I’m excited to see what will happen in the next few days as we continue to work on our stories.

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