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Applications are now open for our summer program for high school students

The Mosaic Journalism Workshop will be held at San Jose State University. Dates are June 12-23. Application is due Feb. 6. 

Image by Alexander Shatov

A day in the life

Check out these student TikToks and get a glimpse into a day in the life of a Mosaic  journalist.

Through tough pandemic times, Mosaic Journalism has survived, but we need your help to train this year's class of high school students.

Your contribution will help us do the important work of introducing journalism to students from underserved communities. Thank you for your support! Donate now



For almost 30 years Mosaic has offered high school students from diverse communities professional training in journalism through an intensive two-week summer workshop held at San Jose State University Students learn the nuts and bolts of reporting, news writing, photography, multimedia and social media.

We’ve recently added a school-year program. Dubbed 'Mosaic Vision' it offers our summer alumni the opportunity to continue covering the news and build their journalistic skills. We also offer support for high school journalism teachers.


Mosaic alumni have gone on to work for the nation's top newspapers, online sites and other news outlets. Learn more


We depend on donations to offer our high-quality program to educate and inspire future journalists! We thank you for your support.

Mosaic on Facebook Live 
Mosaic en línea en español

La periodista Celina Rodriguez de San José visitó nuestra sala de redacción e hizo unas entrevistas con los estudiantes y los maestros sobre sus tareas, las noticias y sus aspiraciones. Vea el video aquí.

Radio journalist Celina Rodriguez interviews students and staff about their Mosaic experience.

Mosaic Vision 2022-23

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Editor’s Note: Mosaic Vision seeks to deepen our summer workshop and add a year-round program to hone students’ skills, offer mentoring, and delve into multimedia journalism, including podcasting and videography. We plan to partner with high school journalism teachers, help start new journalism programs in underserved areas, replicate our model in other communities and become a source of community newsstories under the guidance of professional journalists


Later start times annoy South Bay high school students — but some like it

By Abby Cordobes


Some students say later start makes them feel more tired during the day, disrupts sports and work schedules.


A surprising bright spot for South Bay retail: local crafts fair

By Jasmine Sessoms

San Jose Made crafts fair featured more than 400 artisans and drew a record number of shoppers.


Opinion: Because bad air doesn’t discriminate

By Hope Saena

A Bay Area organization is helping underserved communities breathe better.


Schools sex education falls short, South Bay high school students say

By Jasmine Sessoms

South Bay high school students overwhelming rated their state-mandated sexual health education a C or D, or had too little instruction to judge, according to an informal Mosaic survey.


Immigrant parents motivate Latino graduates

Children from immigrant families often see their parents work hard to overcome barriers in their lives and make a living. That inspires three newly minted Latino high school graduates as they are starting post-high school programs this fall. These San Jose students share how their parents have served as role models in their daily lives.

Mosaic Summer Workshop 2022

Mosaic Summer Program 2022


Opinion: CARE Court, awaiting Assembly vote, violates due process

By Alli Wang

California doesn’t need more courts to solve the mental health and housing crises. Instead, we need to reimagine mental health care systems without creating a new onerous court system. “CARE Court,” aims to create a multimillion-dollar program that aims to help unhoused individuals. 


San Jose Made provides street space for small businesses

By Saira Ahmed

San Jose Made was founded in 2011 with a mission to provide opportunities for small businesses and creators to showcase their work. One of its newest events is Sidewalk Shops, which has been hosted every Saturday at Moment in San Pedro Square, starting in May and running through October.


Opinion: Let’s downsize Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

By Abby Cordobes

Should we designate one day a year to celebrating our parents, showering them with love to
show how much they mean to us?

I don’t think so. I’ve seen people take their parents out on Mother’s and Father’s Day to extravagant outings instead of spending genuine time together as a family.


Opinion: Federal Miranda ruling reduces police accountability

By Alli Wang

Californians want to be able to address police brutality. But the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent 6-3 ruling on Vega v. Tekoh will loosen the requirement that police ensure Miranda rights, or essentially Americans’ right to remain silent in police custody when questioned by police.


Recycle Bookstore emerges from pandemic stronger than ever

By Khadeejah Khan

On a recent Tuesday, Recycle Bookstore customer Melissa Kim found her way through the

messy, yet organized science

fiction aisle, searching for new editions of her favorite book,

“Lord of the Rings,” as the bookstore’s Persian cat, Emma, roamed around.


Opinion: Immigrant elders should accept that respect needs to be earned

By Jasmine Sessoms

Mutual respect. It’s something every individual deserves, and like everything else it’s not something to take for granted. When you take it for granted, you lose the privilege of earning it. When you’re a child or grandchild of immigrants, you are expected to “respect your elders.”

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