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Student articles Spring 2020

‘I wanted to help’: Residents reach out to neighbors in one of San Jose’s poorest areas

By Andrea Saldana

Thousands of low-income families in poorer San Jose neighborhoods like Washington are being left to fend for themselves as the coronavirus pandemic amplifies across the nation and globe. Local organizations and health centers are creating new ways to distribute food and provide housing assistance.

High school at home: San Jose students drift amid distractions

As California schools switch to online classes during the coronavirus pandemic, students get to learn within the comfort of their own home. Yet they also find many difficulties: mixing their school and home lives, staying motivated and getting help from teachers.

Virtual teaching, on-the-job learning: South Bay teachers cram two worlds into one

By: Katelyn Lowpensky

Teachers across the Bay Area are encountering problematic, confounding, and sometimes mortifying situations every day while adapting to their new teaching environment: their homes. From learning new technology to tending to their children, teachers are struggling to provide their students with the content, inspiration, and support like they received before the quarantine. Teachers know that if they fail, their students lose out.

San Jose students create new celebrations amid COVID-19 limits

By: Jessica Reimann

The sudden closure of schools caused by COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of many events that define the end of graduating seniors’ high school careers. In the wake of this loss, many students from the Class of 2020 have decided to take the celebration of senior year into their own hands.

Student articles 2019

By: Kimberly Mitchell

Community members mourn loss of historic university track

As he reaches the 100-meter mark, he lengthens his strides and feels his heart pound faster. With each step, his shoe meets the sun-beaten green track or an occasional patch of overgrown weeds.

The condition of the track does not bother him. In fact, the faded white lanes and torn patches remind Ramses Rodriguez of those who came before him.

By: Judy Ly

Summit network’s clash with union highlights battle over California charter schools

Two days before the school year ended, teacher Aaron Calvert took his Summit Denali charter school students on a walking field trip to downtown Sunnyvale to explore opportunities for the future: internships, summer jobs and independent study projects.  

Later that day, a student asked if Calvert was returning for the following school year. He responded, “Yes I am, unless I win the lottery.”  

By: Lauren Kim

How kimchi expresses my grandma’s love

Ten large aluminum bowls filled with napa cabbages flecked with red pepper rest on my grandmother’s kitchen floor. My aunt, my mom and the mastermind behind the mess, my grandma, work in nighttime silence.

They generously lather the saltwater-soaked cabbages in thick, alternating layers of saeujeot (fermented baby shrimp) and gochugaru (red chili pepper powder) and set them aside in large onggi, Korean handmade clay earthenware.

Buenas Tardes con Celina Rodriguez: Latinx radio show covers Mosaic

Celina Rodriguez, del programa de radio 'Buenas Tardes con Celina,' entrevistó a los estudiantes Latinos/Latinas de Mosaic y el fundador Joe Rodriguez sobre el futuro de periodísmo y la importancia de los programas como Mosaic que sirven para inspirar y informar a los jóvenes interesados en esta profesión.

Celina, from the radio show "Buenas Tardes con Celina," interviewed Latino/Latina Mosaic students and founder Joe Rodriguez about the future of journalism and the importance of programs like Mosaic that serve to inspire and inform young people who are interested in this profession.

BUENAS TARDES CON CELINA: Mosaic Celina Rodriguez
00:00 / 15:47

2019 Mosaic photos: A hands-on experience

Student Blog 2019

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