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 In its 30 years, Mosaic has trained more than 500 high school students from diverse communities in reporting, news writing, photography and podcasting. Taught by journalism professionals, our students learn during an intensive summer workshop and also during school-year programs. 

 Students produce a print newspaper. Their stories also run online and provide a vital source of news about subjects often uncovered by other news outlets. We also offer support for high school journalism teachers. 
Mosaic alumni have gone on to work for the nation's top newspapers, online sites and other news outlets. 
We depend on donations to offer our high-quality program for free to educate and inspire future journalists! Please email to learn how to donate.

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La periodista Celina Rodriguez de San José visitó nuestra sala de redacción e hizo unas entrevistas con los estudiantes y los maestros sobre sus tareas, las noticias y sus aspiraciones. Vea el video aquí.

Radio journalist Celina Rodriguez interviews students and staff about their Mosaic experience.

Image by Alexander Shatov

High school students share fears, hopes about the toll of war with classmates with Middle Eastern and

Muslim roots

A day in the life

Check out these student TikToks and get a glimpse into a day in the life of a Mosaic journalist.

Mosaic Summer Workshop 2023



‘Queer-ennial’ art exhibition in San Jose showcases Latinx resilience

By Ella Polak

The MACLA display of queer Latinx artists aims to foster empathy, respect and inclusivity


San Jose: Lowriders, dancers kick off Hispanic heritage month

By Ella Polak

Classic cars central to Chicano culture line streets near San Jose’s Plaza de César Chávez in Cultura in the Park celebration


Opinion: I love my mom, but being the child of immigrants is hard

By Elda Alvarez

As the daughter of immigrants, I’ve had to be the maid, the scholar and everything in between


San Jose agencies help provide health care for low-income residents

By Dominque Quintana

Agencies ensure that ability to pay doesn’t bar families from medical services


Opinion: I’m 18 and addicted to ‘The Office’

By Cuitlahuac Ramirez Borrego

I’ve watched each of the 201 episodes —74 hours of viewing —

9 times


Opinion: Religious bling offends me

By Dominque Quintana 

I stand against non-believers mocking others whose religious symbols are sacred to them


Opinion: High-end makeup brands ignore skin
darker tones

By Iris Sanchez

The beauty industry still fails to recognize that its consumers don’t range from pale to medium tan


Opinion: ‘Kid-friendly’ videos? More like ‘kid trash’

By Shannon Ma

Some popular children’s channels on YouTube promote consumerism and bad behavior


Opinion: Give undocumented immigrants the right to vote

By Yunery Ramon Reyes

Cities should recognize that undocumented immigrants have contributed a lot to society


Berryessa Flea Market vendors worry about
their livelihoods

By Elda Alvarez

Recently-announced rent increases have added to their anxiety


Opinion: Essential workers take care of us. They need care, too.

By Elizabeth Lucatero

We need to do more for the low-wage essential workers who often labor without protections


San Jose’s Vietnamese residents find representation in the arts

By Juia Dang

Agencies ensure that ability to

Poets, photographers explore Vietnamese culture and history through art


Opinion: Hands off AI — let innovators develop tech’s last frontier

By Aadyant Suresh

We could quickly fix major issues in artificial intelligence if companies don’t resolve them


San Jose residents dealing with inflation turn to nonprofits for help

By Andrew Dong

The average price of food increased 6.7% between May 2022 and May 2023


Opinion: It shouldn’t take an advanced degree to do your taxes

By Julia Dang

I began to feel as though the IRS was trying to catch me making

a mistake


South Bay dim sum eateries pair traditional with
fusion to appeal to changing tastes

By Lianne Carla Catganan

Some diners lean toward modern fusion food while others prefer traditional dim sum

Mosaic Vision

Mosaic Vision is a year-round program that hones students’ skills, offers mentoring, and delves into multimedia journalism, including podcasting and videography. We plan to partner with high school journalism teachers, help start new journalism programs in underserved areas, replicate our model in other communities and become a source of community newsstories under the guidance of professional journalists

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 7.28_edited.jpg

New FAFSA: What parents of college students need
to know

By Eliza Haverstock

Federal changes leave children of immigrants in limbo with no answers and no recourse — and no financial aid.


Chinatown kicks off ‘empowering’ Lunar New Year fest

By Ella Polak

S.F. Chinese New Year Festival and Parade celebrates a 160-year tradition


Saratoga High’s chilly,
hot gym fixed after
student prodding

By Yunery Ramon Reyes

Aging gym’s worn-down HVAC has not been replaced despite Los Gatos-Saratoga voters approving bond for revamp


New digital SAT raises concerns about equity

By Ella Polak

Lack of computers or internet may hamper low-income students in preparing for the SAT

mosaic test cover.jpg

Early learning program in San Jose navigates post-pandemic changes

By Yunery Ramon Reyes

Parents learn parenting tips from popular early-learning program in San Jose


Día de los Muertos celebrated in East Palo Alto

By Rashel Naranjo

Food, music and altars pay homage to loved ones who have passed on


San Jose food festival joins cultures and unique recipes

By Shannon Ma

The festival featured dozens of vendors and drew thousands to the fairgrounds


San Jose’s Art Boutiki offers local bands, artists a place to hang out

By Mia Felix-Ennis

Art Boutiki serves as a concert venue and neighborhood gathering spot


Opinion: I got an up-close view of how one
city struggled to
address homelessness

By Theodore Nguyen

At hearings on interim housing for single adults, emotion and energy dominated the room with objections that prolonged the project and forced major changes.


Opinion: Homework load forces high schoolers to choose: grades or health?

By Saira Ahmed

Students shouldn’t have to sacrifice sleep, family and health to complete homework that may not improve their learning


Teen volunteers dig into dirty work for the environment

By Scarlett Lopez-Rodriguez

To help save the planet and their future, South Bay teens say even little things will make a difference 


How some South Bay schools expanded mental health services

By Khadeejah Khan

Using federal COVID relief funds, East Side Union and Santa Clara Unified districts added counselors to wellness centers


Opinion: Students need workplace skills; schools should teach them

By Jasmine Sessoms

Venturing into the job market, I feel unequipped by my high school to compete for sought-after entry-level jobs


For California native species, floods help revive ecosystems

By Saira Ahmed

Bounty of migrating newts in the South Bay has biologists worried about crossing roads and paths


South Bay students struggle to bounce back after pandemic plunge

By Scarlett Lopez-Rodriguez

Distance learning during COVID shutdown heightened inequalities in education, educators say


South Bay students rally to help earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

By Khadeejah Khan

“So many of us lost family members, friends and people from our community who we were connected to,” one student said


Opinion: Senior year is a costly high school rite of passage

By Abigail Cordobes

College applications, AP tests, prom, yearbook and graduation can add up quickly


How Tet dancers bring the lucky lion alive

By Jasmine Sessoms

Silver Creek High School dancers practice for months to learn to their moves


Later start times annoy South Bay high school students — but some like it

By Abby Cordobes

Some students say later start makes them feel more tired during the day, disrupts sports and work schedules.


A surprising bright spot for South Bay retail: local crafts fair

By Jasmine Sessoms

San Jose Made crafts fair featured more than 400 artisans and drew a record number of shoppers.


Opinion: Because bad air doesn’t discriminate

By Hope Saena

A Bay Area organization is helping underserved communities breathe better.


Schools sex education falls short, South Bay high school students say

By Jasmine Sessoms

South Bay high school students overwhelming rated their state-mandated sexual health education a C or D, or had too little instruction to judge, according to an informal Mosaic survey.

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