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Recent Blogs

Student articles 2020


Coming out to their parents is fraught with danger for LGBTQ+ teens

By Cassandra Rosales

For LGBTQ+ teens, coming out to their parents is fraught with danger. If they hear their parents make unpleasant remarks about the LGBTQ+ community, they struggle with the fear of being abandoned by their own families. 


San Jose students’ anxiety on the rise with pandemic

By Mayline Ruiz

The challenges of the coronavirus have taken their toll on the mental health of many students. “When you’re isolated from people all you have is yourself and your thoughts, so I’m just stuck in my room thinking about a lot of things," said one San Jose teen. 


Workers looking for jobs in tough employment market

By Jessica Reimann

Furloughs, internship freezes, and stalled career advancements all paint a picture of the tough job market that many Americans are struggling to deal with during the coronavirus pandemic. 


Pets and the pandemic: San Jose families add four-legged pals to their bubbles

By Genevieve Banico Gonzales

Before shelter-in-place restrictions, Maggie Oyamot and her family were uneasy about adopting a pet due to their swamped schedules. But with much more time on their hands, many families like the Oyamots have decided to adopt a new fur member into their homes. 


COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter weigh heavily on San Jose teens’ mental wellness

By Jiwoo Kim

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement, Generation Z has faced many life-changing events. But through it all teens have shown their abilities to be powerful.


Once a nurse, always a nurse, especially in a pandemic

By Genevieve Banico Gonzales

As a registered nurse and administrator of a home health agency, Eden Rachel Espina works hard during the Covid-19 crisis to reassure and manage both the clinical staff and their patients who are elderly and infirm.