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Mosaic founder Joe Rodriquez speaks with radio journalist Celina Rodriguez

Mosaic en las noticias
Mosaic in the news

Escucha la entrevista de la periodista Celina Rodriguez con el fundador de Mosaic, Joe Rodriguez, y Mosaic Vision estudiante Dali Guerrero Fernández

Radio journalist Celina Rodriguez interviews Mosaic founder Joe Rodriguez and student Dali Guerrero Fernández

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Mosaic Vision 2022


Seniors: Should the college application process be this hard? 

By Daniela Bravo Berumen 

Many high school students enter their senior year unaware about the college application process, and they are expected to figure it all out in less than a few months. Now, as acceptances and other letters are rolling in, they look back on a stressful year.


Mental health: Bay Area teens grapple with cost, stigma and time

By Tara Nguyen

Thousands of Bay Area high school students who spend 30 hours a week in classes and dozens more on other activities face sleep loss, illness, depression and anxiety. High expectations and a strict work ethic have created a massive need for teen mental health services. 


San Jose: Some students feel left behind under new grading policies

By Laiyla Santillan 

In the wake of the pandemic, San Jose’s largest school district shifted its grading policies to put more emphasis on tests, evaluations, and projects, a move officials said was supposed to make grading more equitable. But some feel the system is not meeting that goal. 


Opinion: More prison time for gang affiliation doesn’t work

Sending youth offenders to prison for longer terms because they are gang members, or because the police claim they are, is wrong — and has proven ineffective. It’s time to abolish harsh sentencing and focus on real solutions to youth crime.


Opinion: San Jose should take pride in its lowrider history and culture

Banned in 1992 in San Jose and other cities, what Chicanos viewed as an art form became a crime.

It’s time to legalize cruising again and bring an end to a stigma that has dulled the voices of the Chicano community. Cruising does not pose a threat.

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As drought dries out creeks, fish and wildlife
fight for survival

By Daniela Bravo Berumen 

For over two years, Santa Clara County has been facing below-average rainfall and extreme weather, causing a decrease in the reservoirs that keep the creeks full, according to the Santa Clara Valley Water District. Both the creeks and fish are suffering as a result.

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