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Student testimonials

“Mosaic turned a hobby into my passion. It introduced me to a community of driven peers from diverse backgrounds and mentors who pushed me to do my best — a network that has propelled and supported me throughout my education and professional career.”

— Sophie Han Ho, Mosaic 2011


Sophie was an editorial intern for multiple organizations, an assignment editor for The Washington Post and a product experience strategist, news for Google.


“Being able to have professionals look at your work really helps you improve.”

— Tomas Mier, Mosaic 2015

Tomas is the son of two undocumented immigrants who credits Mosaic with turning him into a confident writer and propelling him into journalism. He was an editor of the Daily Trojan at USC, an editorial intern at People magazine, an intern at the Los Angeles Times, a staff writer at People and now a staffer at Rolling Stone.


“Mosaic changed my life. I would not have chosen the career path I did without that summer.”

— Armando Millan-Lara, Mosaic 2001

Armando is assistant professor of sociology at UC-Berkeley


“I don’t know that I’d be doing this without Mosaic.”

— Mike Osegueda, Mosaic 1997


Mike is an entrepreneur. As a videographer, columnist, and multimedia journalist known as Mike Oz, he gained a national following on Yahoo Sports.


“I think the most eye-opening thing about Mosaic was that it taught me how much diversity there is in my own city. I learned something valuable from every single one of my 16 classmates, who I now consider my family. I’m grateful that we had so much freedom to choose what we wanted to write about. I think that’s one thing my editor Rob taught me from day one: Why diversity is so important in a newsroom. Your identity and experiences shape the stories you care about, so you get better and more diverse stories when you have a diverse group of reporters.”

— Patricia Wei, Mosaic 2018


Patricia is studying computer science and urban studies at Stanford University. She is a computer science section leader for Stanford’s School of Engineering.

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